T-Glase 3.5kgs Drop Ship

t-glase (PETT) - (Pronounced "T Glass") t-glase is a high quality Polyethylene terephthalate polymer. It is modified to provide a 5% higher amount of reflectivity making it more equivalent to a glass polymer. t-glase is also processed using the same techniques taulman3D developed for nylon. Full processing allows for a polymer that easily prints at 235C - 240C. A temperature easily obtained by most FFF 3D Printers. t-glase is also a high strength polymer meant for industrial applications. The major advantage of t-glase to all other polymers, is layer to layer bonding. Because the polymer bonds so well, there is no need to smash a large number of thin layers together to accommodate a good bond. Industry uses layer settings that are 50% to 80% of the nozzle dia with excellent results. t-glase has a very low shrinkage factor and is best printed on glass print beds heated from 60C to 80C depending on part size. t-glase also prints easily on glass heated to 45C and using a thin coat of PVA (Elmers Glue All) As with nylon 645, 680 and 910, the clarity of t-glase supports industrial non-destructive evaluations. In addition, t-glase is a directly printable polymer for glass clear jewelry. And due to the additional reflectivity, t-glase is considered the only high transmission light-pipe polymer. Due to it's chemical make-up, light transitions easily along the path of a printed thread. This allows the designer to draw and print a light-pipe with any path required.